Diacerein Capsules – Usage, Dose, and Side Effects

Usage Of Diacerein Capsules:

Diacerein Capsules is a different anti-inflammatory analgesic, and antipyretic medication developed specially for the treatment of joint diseases like osteoarthritis which causes pain in joints. It might have the capacity to modify the course of the illness condition.

Diacerein capsules appearance packing and presentation
Diacerein 50 mg capsules appearance and presentation


Active Ingredients And Composition of The Diacerein Capsules :

Every Diacerein Capsule contains 50mg of Diacerein.

How Diacerein Capsules works:

  1. Diacerein works in a new and another way from the traditional strategies of treatment; it works on the hindrance of the generation of nitrous oxide and interleukin one beta, it also limits the roughness of the joints and helps to build the impact of TJ factor Av1-beta TJ Av2-beta for enhancing of the ligament.
  2. Diacerein capsules can be utilized for patients with kidney functions relying on prostaglandins.
  3. Diacerein capsules have a positive anti-inflammatory impact without the adverse effect on the stomach.
  4. When this capsule is taken with food, its absorption increments up to 25%, so prefer toward taking it with food.

Diacerein Capsule Contraindications :

The patient should not take this medicine if he has extreme touchiness of Diacerein or some other active ingredient in the drug.

Side Effects of Using Diacerein Capsules:

Some symptoms seem only at the starting of treatment, for example, abdominal pain, diarrhea, sometimes even it can change the color of urine, rash or eczema. In the case of any side effect happens, then please consult your specialist/doctor and also change the dose strength.

Information about Diacerein Capsule Dose:

  • One capsule twice daily for 2-4 weeks and preferably take the dose with food.
  • Prefer to complete a 6-month treatment, recent studies and surveys have shown the possibility of utilizing Diacerein capsules for two years without any awful side effect.

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Precautions while taking Diacerein:

  • Patients with severe deficiencies in kidney function should take half of the dose after taking the doctoral advice.
  • Patients with liver problems should not use the medicine.
  • Diacerein is not recommended for pregnant and lactating women, as adequate studies on the use of the drug during the pregnancy and lactation do not exist.
  • Diacerein is also not recommended for children under the age of 15 years.

Diacerein 50mg Drug Interactions:

Decreased Absorption With Magnesium Hydroxide Antacids And/Or Aluminium. Increased Risk Of Diarrhoea With Antibiotics, Laxatives. Avoid Co-Admin With Phytates And Fibres.

Diacerein Capsule Presentations:

Every packet contains three strips each of them having ten half white and half blue colored capsules.


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