6 Things Not To Do When You Have A UTI

If you have also face urinary tract infection (UTI), then you will surely know, that it is none less than a hell. They cause pain in pelvic, and painful urination. One in every five women suffers from UTI. It can also be very dangerous if the bacteria enter the bloodstream causing more infections. So it is essential to stop some activities, to cure these problems and heal it fast. So to protect you from running to the bathroom painfully and frequently. There are certain things Not to do when you have a UTI.

Things Not to when you have A UTI

Few Things Not To Do When You Have A UTI

1- Prevent YourSelf From Sexual Intercourse – If you are thinking to have sexual intercourse with your partner. Then I guess it’s not a wise idea. Because it will make the symptoms and infection worse. And I think you don’t want to face more painful days. So it will be better if you avoid sex in UTI. It can also be painful while UTI.

2- Avoid drinking Alcohol – In the days of UTI. It will be helpful for you to stay away from alcohols, or alcoholic drinks. Becuase it will affect the bladder and indirectly worsen the infection. It is always a good idea to intake plenty of water. Becuase it will help you to heal your UTI.

3- Try Not to eat Artificial sweetener  – You should stop taking artificial sweetener. Even if you are not having UTI. It is always advisable to avoid artificial sweeteners. Becuase somehow they affect your Bladder symptoms.

4- Do Not Stop taking your prescribed medicines – If your doctor has advised you to take medicines for a certain number of days. Then I am sure that he wasn’t joking. And I think you should also not avoid medicines. Always eat doses as per doctor for the given period.

5- Do Not Drink Caffeine – You may love or may be addicted to your daily cup of caffeine. But now its time to start avoiding it. Becuase caffeine disturbs the bladder. And if you are likely to take more caffeine then you are more likely to get affected by UTI.

6- Do not Stop Yourself from urinating –  Most of the women are so busy in their work, that they even forget to go to the bathroom. You should not stop your pee in. Go to the toilet at a regular Interval. If You do not go to the bathroom at a regular interval, then it will cause more risk of UTI.

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